Thursday, 27 October 2011

Last Line Of Defense First One To Blame The Life Of A Vancouver Goalie

After yesterdays 3 - 0 loss to the Blues this is a perfect time to talk about the tunnel vision some Vancouver canuck fans have when pointing to Roberto Luongo whenever canucks lose. These fans remind me of drunk drivers with no excuse to be behind the wheel of a vehicle. The symptoms Tunnel vision and nodding off at key points were attention is paramount are all transferable to a Luongo hater during games. For some reason when Luongo is scored on everyone forgets about the forwards who lost control of the puck in the attacking zone to the oppositions teams defense who help their goalie to not get scored on.At this point the puck is moved out of the attacking zone and if the opposition manage through open ice past our defense there forwards move into their attacking zone and bring up their own defense to keep the puck in.This is the hockey Tunnel vision Luongo hating fans miss.The hockey play which has nothing, nadda, zero, zilch to do with our goalie. Now moving onto the oppositions attacking zone as they set up it is up to our own defense/forwards to force the puck away from the opposition and past their defense and out of their attack zone if this cant be done right away.they have now set up in their attacking zone and they are going to make plays to score and until then our goalies only job so far has been communication with his players.So until the opposition shoots the puck at the net and if it gets past our defense it is then and only then that our goalies main job is called upon to stop the puck from going in or to stop the play, and if the puck does go in canuck fans hate on Luongo bringing us back to the nodding off at key moments missing everything that happened before the goal or in the drunk driver analogy the car crashing So lets break this down even further for the drunk fan driving the proverbial lets hate on and occupy Luongo no-mind mentality. With all the other players that have lost or had the puck taken from them or were beaten on 1 on 1 why would some fans blame a goalie the last line of defense when a goal is scored? This brings us back to the Tunnel vision of seeing a goal on their team and who lets in that goal the goalie. and with the nodding off at key moments not seeing all the plays missed or screwed up, the one on ones lost, this brings to end my drunk driver to Luongo hater analogy. I think it is time Luongo haters realize its still October look not only at your starting goalie stats but the stats of other starting goalies.Now once you have done all this if you still hate on Luongo and no one else i suggest you all stop drinking during games cause it is inhibiting your ability to use common sense when watching a game.Still need further proof of what i am saying ok i take you all back to last night how many of you blamed Schneider for last nights shutout loss? Why has Luongo been blamed for shutout losses?Thats right because it was Luongo but yet Schneider is not blamed for the same thing, case check point made, and remember only you can stop stupid from speaking

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