Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Alain Vigneault Working Canucks Just Right

     Canucks looked great in the first keeping Calgary busy with 14 shots to their 8 with 1 even strength goal from the ever improving Higgins 6th goal and 2 PPGs' from Burrows 4th and Daniels 5th . But then came the 2nd period with Calgary making up for their sleeping 1st with 12 shots to Vancouvers 4 still Canucks scored 2 even strength goals from Hodgson and Edlers 3rd goal.But also dont forget AV was also playing the bottom 6 more than usual and the top 6 less than usual. Canucks got a good easy game tonight playing  a strong first and basically rested for the last 2 periods and this is were AV deserves credit for not making this game 7 - 0 and not over working his top players.Also credit to the bottom 6 for working like the top 6 something that was pointed out to me by @ArtemChubarov. So for once lets thank AV.

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